Adventure 2021

On the one hand: Stony paths  On the other hand: Enormous white sand beaches, transparent waters, unique landscapes, biosphere reserve and a unique opportunity to savour a great adventure...

This will be the fourth time we do an activity in this paradise, thanks to this previous experience we will now move to the next level, testing the adaptation skills of participants will try to achieve these objectives:

Adventure and Sport:
Fuerteventura offers exceptional conditions for enjoying nature and all kinds of sporting activities, with these premises we will develop an intense physical program full of action and fun: Hiking, cycling, water sports ...

Cero emision:
All journeys during the activity will be made on foot or by bicycle, taking advantage of the island's extensive network of paths and hiking trails. In the third edition we are quite close to the objective.

We start with minimal luggage and no mobile or data connection, and try to eliminate elements until we keep the essentials, on a journey of learning about attachments.

This will be the main core of the activity, working personal and social skills that help young people set goals, improve communication, manage time efficiently, resolve conflicts, work in teams and maintain a positive attitude to face any situation.

Limited places. Maximum group of 7 participants. Do you accept the challenge?...

  • Age: 13-17 y.o.
  • Price: 750 € + Flight
  • Includes: Accommodation, full boad, bicycle rental, activities, insurance.

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